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Visual Aids

(for Complicated Recipes)

Apple Rose Tarts

How Do You Roll?

It may not be easy to understand exactly how to roll these delicate tarts. For your assistance, please refer to these visual aids that demonstrate how to arrange and overlap the apple slices inside the folded dough, how to gently roll the apple and dough inside, to form the tarts, and lastly, how the rolled tarts should appear in the cupcake tray to be baked.


For the full recipe, get a copy of Fancy Plants Cookbook!

Coconut Cannoli

Forming The Perfect Shell

There are several methods of forming cannoli shells, but aluminum foil is such a common household object, that I find this method to be the most convenient and inexpensive. To do this, make cylinder shapes with your aluminum foil, wrap your dough around the cylinders, then proceed to bake the shells, removing foil from inside before stuffing with creme. If you would like a reusable tool for shaping your cannoli shells, I would also highly recommend purchasing a set of easy-to-use cannoli baking cylinders. They will save you valuable time in all your cannoli-making escapades to come! 


For the full recipe, get a copy of Fancy Plants Cookbook!

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